Another seven days has passed, and we’re back again with a load of ace gigs on the Nottingham music scene. This week sees some Indie loving, a right mish-mash of eclectic bands, and an Alternative love fest (with a free BBQ!)


If you want to get your Indie fix for the week, then look no further than The Golden Fleece on Thursday, who have got the brilliant sounds of CADETS and MYLES KNIGHT to fill that Indie desire.

CADETS make some of the most energetic, uplifting Indie Rock that we’ve heard in a while. The five piece have a knack for some proper catchy melodies, some HUGE riffs (you know, the kind that you watch, and then you instantly wanna join a band) and a powerful stage presence, that makes them one of the most exciting bands on the Indie circuit in Notts! Also performing we have MYLES KNIGHT, frontman of the sadly deceased ALBION. If you caught the band while they were together, you’ll know what to expect. Stellar songwriting and a very distinctive vocal tone that reminds us of some of the Indie greats. Get involved!

Price: Free
Doors: 8pm


This Friday, I’m Not From London have gone and got an ace mix of acts for you down at Jam Cafe to help you welcome in the weekend, in the best way possible.

Kicking things off we have some good old fashioned Rock n Roll from SAME STREETS. Despite their young age, the three piece have an incredibly refined sound, which has hints of the R&R greats, but plenty of originality at the same time. They’ve also got ridiculous amounts of on-stage energy, so they’re bound to get this party started!

THE BREAKFAST CLUB are up next with their “Honest-Pop”. Catchy, uplifting, and with lyrics that make you smile, and also make you glad you’re not in the room with your parents. If you haven’t already, check out their “Tram Conductor” video, it’s bloody hilarious, and will give you a good idea of what to expect.

STAVROS follow with some stunning 3-piece harmonies and Blues stylings. An incredible live band, you’ll be stunned by the concoction of genres these fellas have thrown together, and left wondering how they make it sound so bloody good. They’ve been working on a new EP, so your ears have plenty of new tunes to look forward to!

Rounding off the night we have ROYSTON DUXFORD, a band who bring proper foot stomping Blues to the stage. You know the type, crazy riffs, heavy percurssion, and the kind of sounds that just make you wanna get a little bit messy. Having made quite a name for their explosive sets, we’re sure these guys will have you dancing well into the early hours!

Price: Free
Doors: 8:30pm


This Sunday, Load Of Meat Fest returns for it’s fourth incarnation at The Maze, and it’s got quite the lineup to end your weekend in style.


Kicking things off here we have the Grungy sounds of THE CHASE. With more than a hint of Nirvana, this lot are onto something big if they keep knocking out tunes at this rate, so make sure you catch ’em live! Next we have the Punk/Emo sounds of CASTAWAY. Don’t expect an easing in at this festival, cos these guys will have the mosh pits coming out left right and centre, especially when some of those sick breakdowns come into action! The rather new band with an interesting name, BADELF are up next. Delivering music that they describe as “a bit Funky, a bit Rock n Roll, and a bit good for dancing to”, we reckon… well, that you’ll be having a bit of a dance, pretty self-explanatry init? THE SPANGLE CORPS follow, delivering some super catchy Alternative sounds. With melodies that get stuck in your head for days, and plenty of on stage energy, these guys always deliver an ace live performance. Rounding off the main stage we have CUT THE HEROICS, who deliver everything we loved about 90s Pop-Punk. The fast rhythmic guitars, punchy chords and those straight to the point lyrics.


On the Acoustic stage, you’d never guess from the name, but you’ll find plenty of beautiful Acoustic sounds. These come in the form of KARILEE MASON, HOLLY TAYLOR-GAMBLE, NATHANIEL WHEATLEY, MATT ANDERSON and ADAM ZAREBA.


This stage offers a right mix of Folky and Acoustic stylings from LAURA ALLISON, THE CORRIDORS, IZZY RANDAL and LIBBY MCELROY.

Price: £6
Doors: 4PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x