Another ace seven days for the Nottingham music scene, with three completely different gigs. This week sees a load of acts coming together for charity, four ace local acts backed by a 14 piece orchestra, and an Alternative charity love fest!


This Thursday sees a right mixed bunch of awesome local acts join together at The Maze in aid of Rare Chromosome Disorder, thanks to Cultural Vibrations.

THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS will kick things off with their self-proclaimed “Dreamlike Acoustic” sounds. Masters of melody, these guys create something truly different and beautiful with hints of Flamenco, Soul, Folk and Blues all rolled into one sweet set of sounds.

BLESSING MAGORE will be making everybody feel the love revolution with his ridiculously catchy Afro-Funk vibes. There aren’t many artists around that are quite as uplifting as Blessing – we can guarantee he’ll have you dancing all over the place, and have you feeling all loved up by the end of his set.

THE HARGREAVES will be bringing their beautiful harmonies to the night, and after the incredible performance that was “The Hargreaves Project”, we reckon their soulful Pop sounds will have you hooked in from the second that they take to the stage.

ASHMORE keeps them uplifting vibes going with his unique concoction of Hip-Hop, Reggae and Gypsy sounds, which when paired with his honest and often hilarious lyrics, makes for a proper entertaining performance. His good friend MOTORMOUF will be joining him on stage with his incredible beatboxing skills – if you haven’t seen him before, prepare to be amazed.

I AM STARZ brings some pure piano Pop to the evening. Full of catchy little melodies and youthful passion, Starz has developed a ridiculous amount over this past year, and we cannot wait to see where she goes next.

SKA PETE THE UPLIFTER is an artist that does exactly what he says on the tin, and he does it well. Through a mixture of classic Ska sounds, Pete will be lifting your spirits higher than a NASA spaceship… do you reckon they listen to Ska in space?

Price: £5
Doors: 7:30PM


This Saturday sees Nottingham Rocks take over the Theatre Royal, which means that four ace Nottingham acts take to that massive stage… with a 14 piece bloody orchestra!

Headlining we have the sweet sweet sounds of JOEL BAKER. One of the most soulful singer-songwriters in the country – Joel’s songs hook you in from the start with his interesting compositions, incredibly relatable lyrics, and knack for one heck of a catchy melody. Joel’s EP’s have a bit of orchestral backing on them, so we can’t wait to see the full live experience of his tunes!

SHELTER POINT bring their tragically beautiful soft Electronic sounds to the evening. SHELTER POINT’S music can make you cry, in the best possible way – it’s so beautiful, from the slick production to vocalist Liam’s incredible falsetto. Seeing their usual tear gushing material backed by an orchestra is sure to be something incredibly special.

NOAH will be bringing their absolutely stunning harmonies to the evening. Probably best summed up as “beautiful Folk”, these two leave the room in silence at every performance, from the touching stories told in their songs, to the fact that their voices compliment each other as if they were made to go together. Considering they normally leave the room in silence, with an orchestra; this will definitely have people stunned into silence.

Finally we have THE AFTERDARK MOVEMENT who bring their funky big-band Hip-Hop to the night. Upbeat, bound to get everyone out of their very small seats, and have them playing in their head on repeat… that was an intentional rhyme… anyways – these guys have a huge upbeat sound anyways, but add an orchestra into the mix, and the Theatre Royal is gonna be a shakin’!

Price: £8 Advance/£10 on door
Doors: 7:30PM


Macmillan Fest is back for its fifth year, which sees loads of Alternative acts come together on Saturday, between Rescue Rooms, Stealth and Spanky Van Dykes, all in the name of charity.


Kicking things off we’ll have the fierce Metalcore of FAMOUS FOR NOTHING, a band that describe themselves as “a blend of metal, hardcore and pure manliness.”… Alpha as … Next up we have WE ARE TYRANTS who bring a bit of a melodic edge to their aggressive and fast metal sounds, before WINTER HILL SYNDICATE take to the stage with their straight up traditional Metal sounds. Rounding things off from the Notts side of things we have the incredibly slick Alternative sounds of ADELPHIA, who are bound to have you shouting along to their soaring choruses.

RESCUE ROOMS BAR (Nottingham Live! Acoustic Stage)

KAIZEN kick things off with everything we love about Pop-Rock, catchy guitar melodies and HUGE choruses a plenty, while AS DECEMBER FALLS will follow suit with their also incredibly catchy female-vocal led melodic Pop-Punk. LAYBY bring some proper traditional Pop-Punk sounds influenced by some of the greats such as Blink 182 and Green Day, while LACEY are guaranteed to get you dancing with their refined Alternative Pop-Rock. Rounding the night off we’ll have VANITY BOX who we’re sure will offer an entirely new stripped down side to their songs.

RED ROOMS (NCN Rocks Stage)

Kicking things off in the Red Rooms we’ll have THE PERFORMERS OF NCN ROCKS, who will be showing the ridiculous amount of talent that the college has on offer. Headlining we’ll have SARAH KNIGHT & THE BLUE STONES who bring an interesting concoction of Blues and Classic Rock into the modern day, all topped off by some truly stunning vocals.


Offering something a little bit different to what the venue is used to, SHATTERED GENERATION will be kicking things off in here with with some full on 80s style Glam Rock and the best hair we’ve seen in a band in a long time. Following we’ll have THE SPANGLE CORPS who will get you having a bit of a mosh to their Post-Hardcore styley Pop-Punk. Topping everything off from a Notts perspective we’ll have THE INSIDE IS LIVE who bring some good ol’ fashioned head banging tunes with plenty of catchy choruses.


Kicking things off at new venue to the festival Spanky Van Dykes, we’ll have THREE THIRDS BELOW tearing the place about with their Alternative tunes that have more than a hint of Punk influence. Next up we’ll have ENORMITY FALLS who bring mosh-inducing Metal sounds with THREE vocalists! THESE SKIES bring a bit of funky Alternative Rock, seriously, wait until you hear those bass licks! PATRIOT REBEL, the self proclaimed “Brit riff lords” will be bringing their outright Rock & Roll sounds, while NO HONOUR will be bringing plenty of screams (in both sense of the word) as their Melodic Hardcore takes over the venue. Topping it all off we have TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY who bring ridiculously catchy, hard-hitting Powerpop tunes to round off your night with plenty of catchy melodies.

Price: £10
Doors: 2PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny/Molly Parkin x