Photo: Daniel Whiston

STOP PRESS 30/07/14 10:20AM – The Nottingham acts that will be performing at this years Riverside Festival have just been revealed, and there’s a shed load of great local acts across the Introducing stage and the Bandstand stage. You can see the lineups and find more deets HERE.

As another week passes we’re graced with yet another amazing week for the Nottingham music scene. This week sees a huge birthday party celebration, an album launch show and the debut show of the rebrand band!


Sounddhism turn four this weekend, and they’re throwing one hell of a party down at The Bodega on Saturday to celebrate.

They’ve got artists covering all genres to whet any musical appetite. Kicking us off we’ll have the dirty Dub-Reggae sounds of ORIGIN ONE who are bound to have you skanking all over the place. They’re built up of some of Nottingham’s finest talent, and as a collective, these lot bring the sound that sweaty packed rooms were made for.

Soulstress NATALIE DUNCAN will be returning to Notts for her first hometown show since October last year. Known for her ridiculously soulful, distinctive voice, Natalie caught a lot of attention with her debut album “Devil In Me” back in 2012. Two years later, she’s got a load of new material sorted (with a new EP on the way over the next few months) and we simply can’t wait to see how she’s grown.

Next up we’ve got one of Notts finest MC’s, CAN B. He just released his debut album “Don’t Sleep”, and it’s one of the finest pieces of Hip-Hop we’ve heard in ages – it shows off Can’s chilled flow, and knack for writing relevant and witty lyrics, something that we’re sure will translate well in his live performance.

UJAHM will be bringing the chilled out Reggae vibes – bouncy beats from Neckie, Chris and Kamrah compliment the sultry vocals that Shylaah delivers, to make something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Jamaican beach somewhere.

BRU-C won’t just be performing with ORGIN ONE – he’ll be dropping some of his banging solo tunes too. With the ability to flip between grime, dancehall, dub and loads of other genres instantaneously, BRU-C’s live sets are always quite something – and we guarantee he’ll have you skanking all over the place!

JOSH WHEATLEY will bring a bit more of a chilled out vibe to the evening. Known for his soft Acoustic sounds; Josh tells a story with his songs, and if you’re not already hooked in on the tales, his catchy hooks are sure to draw you in.

MOTORMOUF will be bringing some of his incredible beatboxing talent to the night. Known round Notts for the incredible things that he can do with his mouth (don’t take that the wrong way). Insightful bars mixed in with some incredibly creative beatboxing skill – he has to be seen to be believed.

STAN will be bringing some chilled Hip-Hop vibes to the night. With a relaxed flow, STAN owns pretty much every beat that’s thrown at him, and we look forward to seeing him spit some of these bars in person!

CHLOE CHARLEMAGNE’s funky R&B sounds are bound to get everybody dancing like we’re back in the 90s, in a good way. Full of groovy beats, and some ridiculously catchy hooks, Chloe sums up what we miss about proper R&B.

ROBYN HUGHES-JONES is an absolutely stunning live performer, and ever since we heard “J’adore” we’ve been hooked. With a beautiful husky voice, and some very clever stories told in her songs, we’re sure she’ll have you entranced as well.

YAZMIN L will bring some proper Soulful vibes to the evening. With an incredible set of lungs, Yazmin is starting to make quite a name for herself with her powerful performances. She recently featured on one of TREKKAH’s tracks, and it’s HUGE, so check it out on the latest NMP, and make sure you catch here live here.

Rounding the Nottingham side of things off, we have the beautiful harmonies of MOLLY & JACK. The duo have a knack for making incredible catchy, sweet songs that’ll have you going “aww”, as well as have you shouting along at the top of your lungs. That’s what we like!

Price: £7
Doors: 3PM


This Saturday sees THE MADELINE RUST throw a party at The Chameleon to celebrate the release of their new album “Truth or Consequences.”

If you’re unfamiliar with THE MADELINE RUST, here’s the lowdown – they’re a Grunge-Rock band who fill their sound with distorted guitars, thrashing drums, and some bloody awesome female vocals. They sound quite unlike anything that we’ve ever heard, and we can’t wait to hear the entirety of “Truth or Consequences” live. You can also expect some special guest musicians to be helping out and a screening of their brand new music video! Not bad for nowt is it?

Price: Free
Doors: 7:30PM


This Saturday sees IVORYSERFS first gig at Nottingham Contemporary, and it’s shaping up to be quite a debut.

IVORYSERFS is the band formerly known as GREAT BRITISH WEATHER, under what they deem to be a more suitable name. You know how some bands have such a unique sound that they’re hard to describe? Yeah? Well, IVORYSERFS are one of those kind of bands – so we’ll let the band describe themselves – “Post-Shoe-Pysch-Gaze-Punk-Funk-Hip-Indie-Hop-Rock Elevator Music”. Yeah, try and wrap your head around that one!

In support we have the absolutely stunning Ambient-Rock sounds of FIELD STUDIES. If you saw them at the FSN final, or have seen our Future Session with them, you’ll know that their stuff is shock the room into silence powerful. Seriously, “I Am Become Death” left the whole of Rock City quiet enough to hear a pin drop – not an easy task!

There are more supports yet to be confirmed.

Price: Free
Doors: 8PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x