Well, another seven days have passed and it’s safe to say there’s another incredible week for the Notts music scene ahead. This week sees a multitude of ace acts helping out charity, a super secret living room gig, and a Bluesy EP launch!


First up we’ve got a marvellous line up of acts hosted by I’m Not From London on Tuesday 3rd March at our very own home from home – Antenna. This is a charity live music night which aims to raise money for Coram, a wonderful charity which aids vulnerable children all over the UK. The purpose of this event is to help fundraise for a very impressive (and slightly bonkers) charity cycle ride from London to Cannes, starting next Thursday.

The night starts with local band ROYSTON DUXFORD, a rockabilly Blues band who named their musical trio after a man who was apparently infamous for his debauchery and fabled motorcycle races (we highly recommend you read his wild bio on their Reverb Nation page – it’s quite a read!) This very special Country Blues/Rock’n’Roll band are dedicated to telling the innumerable wayward stories of Royston Duxford (the man, the legend!), and are bound to have you foot stompin’ and finger clickin’ throughout their set like no one’s watching.

Next up is THE BREAKFAST CLUB, a self-proclaimed ‘Honest Pop’ trio. Their recent YouTube video to ‘Tram Conductor’ warns Nottingham’s residents to always pay for their tickets, depicting a villainous ticket inspector chasing the boys down to give them a big fat 50 quid fine. We’ve all been there, eh Nott’s? The boys’ harmonious voices and catchy choruses will impress you; while their relatable lyrics leave you laughing your face off. Fans of The Midnight Beast will love it.

TOM MCCARTNEY is up next – a young and upcoming Country Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll songsmith, telling heartfelt tales of modern day to day existence through the medium of song. Along with his recently formed backing band, he will present a set which oozes a whole array of musical goodness, acoustic and electric, upbeat and down tempo… you get the idea. Absolutely not to be missed.

The penultimate act is GAVIN BRADSHAW – a Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer whose experimental sounds mean his gigs are rarely the same as the last! As he often mixes improvisation with songs, he brings something extraordinary to the mix. Original and spectacular, he is definitely one to watch out for.

Rounding off the night nicely is STACEY MCMULLEN – the online elusive Che Guevara of the Nottingham music scene. We haven’t managed to find any juicy titbits of info on the guy because he’s bloody sneaky, but expect heartfelt political, romantic, and very real songs. Rumour has it he’s recently caught the eye of some exclusive labels though, so it’d be pretty smart to see him here first! One day it could be an impressive bit of info you can brag about to your mates, or if you’ve got none, that poor unsuspecting guy you’ll sit next to on the bus.

Date: Tuesday 3rd March
Place: Antenna
Doors: 6:30pm
Admission: FREE! (Charity donation optional)


The second gig we’ve got for you this week is a bit of a different one – hosted by Prisma Clothing in a super-secret location (I know, we felt a bit weird about it too, we’ve heard it’s in some guy’s living room…?) The only way to find out where to go on the night is to buy a ticket online or from one of the acts, and then proceed to feel special and elite as everyone else kicks themselves and goes “What?! Where?! Why didn’t I know?!” Tickets are super limited though, so grab one fast!

First act on is GEORGE HOLROYD – a singer songwriter with extreme soul. Check out his recent EP release on his Soundcloud – the debut EP titled ‘Peru’ is a soothing mixture of beautiful bluesy guitar with rich, grungy vocals and passionate lyrics. Expect to hear gorgeously balanced and diverse songs that burrow into your brain. In a good way.

THE INFINITIES are up second– previously known as ‘The Rascels’. This four piece band are a light hearted feel-good Pop Rock band reminiscent of the likes of Busted and McFly, but with less highlights and more musical talent (excuse me for saying, Charlie Simpson, my 10 year old self still loves you!) They may have changed their name three times over the past couple of months, but they’ve not managed to hide from us.

Next we have THE MITHERED, whose short description on their public profile barely gives them justice – ‘Nottingham. Indie. Noise.’ This four-piece traditional Indie Rock band provides catchy muted guitar riffs and pop sensibility, with mid-90s Indie influences such as Oasis and The Libertines. The infectious nature of their choruses and memorable hooks has been stuck in our heads since the first time we heard em!

IDLE EMPIRE are the final act for this fantastic gig, who are a recently formed four-piece acoustic indie band who have already made it to the finale of OBS Unplugged for the second year running. Impressive, eh? They’re a wonderfully British band formed of two guitars and a violin; you should expect charming sounds which make you yearn for the Summery smell of fresh cut grass and ice cream. Come down and ignore the bad weather. What bad weather? Exactly.

Date: Wednesday 4th March
Place: Somewhere in Nottingham
Doors: 7pm
Admission: £4, buy tickets HERE


Our final gig for you this week is the bluesy singer/songwriter LOUIS ANTONIOU, playing with his band ‘THE BLUE JAY WAYS’. This gig is Louis’ self-titled EP launch at our beloved musical hotspot, Jam Café. He’s been a bit of a busy bee recently, having been featured on Notts TV’s 6:30 show on the 25th performing his original song ‘Modern Day Blues’ while, of course, donning his distinguishable John Lennon hat. As always Jam Café offers a lovely intimate setting with a chilled atmosphere, and along with the soulful albeit rugged sounds of Louis Antoniou’s EP in your earholes it’s looking to be a pretty memorable night!

Date: Friday 6th Mach
Place: Jam Café
Doors: 8pm
Admission: Free!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x

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