Ello ducks and eggs. We’e officially reached the middle of Jan, bigup. We’ve got all sorts of wonderful musical concoctions to keep your mind off that miserable nothingness outside your window – including ear-drum shredding, high-pitched spandex, plus the man that releases 93 albums a year.


If you, like most of the population, are ‘done’ with January, I’ve got the perfect solution for ya. Say ‘f*ck it’, go to The Maze this Thursday, and have your face ripped off by some of the finest Metal that Notts has to offer. Metal 2 The Masses have their heats this week, and they have four sets of shredders ready for your eardrums. TAIM, LIBERATOR, PEMPHIGOLD,  and THREE YEARS OF WINTER, all await you behind those legendary double-barreled doors.

The Maze
Thursday 18th January
Doors: 6:30pm
Price: £4


If you said ‘Sam, describe GALLERY 47’, I’d probably say three things to you. 1) He’s one of the nicest humans you’ll ever meet. 2) He puts out about 27 albums a year. 3) He’s an incredible songwriter, who will make you feel things you didn’t know you could feel, think things your brain has never pondered, and soothe your ears unlike any other. These are all reasons why you should take one evening out of your week (it’s January, don’t kid yourself that you’re busy), and join G47 for the launch of his latest album ‘Young World’. We’re pretty sure it’s gonna be something special.

Supporting, we have a human that shares sentiments 1) and 3) with G47 – ADAM PETER SMITH. Whilst he hasn’t put out 43 albums like Gallery, what he has put out into the world is a stunning collection of songs that are basically guaranteed to make anyone with a heartbeat swoon. Soulful, heart-warming, and epic at times – these two in the same room – that’s gonna be a moment.  

T E Morris from Leeds will also be supporting.

The Bodega
Saturday 20th January
Doors: 7pm
Price: £12


Take a sprinkling of glam rock, add a dash of pop wonder, and dress it in the brightest, tightest spandex you’ve ever seen – and you have THE DANDYLIONS. A band that are destined to leave your jaw on the floor, and your mind waaaaaay up in the clouds. Making some of the catchiest, most uplifting guitar-led tunes this side of NG1. Oh – and they’ve only gone and released a bleddy album full of tunes, so get down and have a bit of a dance with ‘em. There’ll almost definitley be some sweeties knocking about, so what’s not to love?

And the Dandy’s are bringing quite the lineup with em too. There’s GEORGE GADD bringing the banter, bangers, and… errr, brilliance? #wordsmith. Folk-y goodness with plenty of charming lyrics to warm your cockles. N’awh. Then we have DESENSITSED, bringing the kind of badass riffs and catchy breakdowns that are practically tailor-made for City basement. Moshing advised. And to top it all off, we’ve got HOMESICK bringing all the electric Pop-Rock joy those tabs of yours could ask for. Well catchy songs. More energy than a red-bull fuelled coffee shop crawl. Nice one.

Rock City Basement
Saturday 20th January
Doors: 6:30pm
Price: £6

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x