It’s officially November. Time to put away the fake blood and smelly, gone-off Pumpkins and think about how much money you’re about to spend over the Xmas period. It’s all cool though, because we’ve got three great gigs for you this week and they’re ALL completely free! There’s a two day festival at the Contemporary with over thirty Notts acts, a load of acoustic goodness at Wax Bar plus some of the finest Electronic music in our great county at Suede.


Affinity will be showcasing a ton of young Notts musicians over two jam-packed days at the Contemporary AND it’s completely free. Lady Leshurr from Birmingham (I’d brush my teeth twice if I were you, you know just in case) will be headlining the festival but there’s over 30 Nottingham acts from all genres over the weekend so there’s sure to be something to take your fancy. Are you ready for this mega info filled paragraph?

First up, the incredible, soulful voice of HARLEIGHBLU combines elements of Electronic and Hip-Hop through her sound. She released the ‘Futurespective EP 2’ at the end of September and has taken on a more Electronic sound than previous EPs. You’ll be able to catch the mesmerising sound of CONGI at the festival, creating hypnotic electronic sounds that’ll leave you feeling a bit dazed. BABE PUNCH, aka the coolest girlband you ever did see, make venomous Alternative Rock songs taking influences from Grunge and Punk. The five-piece bring some much needed girl power to the land of male-dominated Alt Rock whilst simultaneously making some seriously amazing music. DAUDI MATSIKO will leave you filled with wonder at his poetic lyrics and beautiful, emotive voice. Daudi will be releasing his new single ‘Take Me Old’ on Friday from his latest  EP ‘The Lingering Effects of Disconnection’, so it’s the perfect opportunity to hear some new material that you’ll no doubt fall in love with. JOSH WHEATLEY’s soothing, melodic voice will be making some “Indie Pop with a dark twist.” FSN 2015 winners SUSPECT ALIBI will be bringing along their unmistakeable Indie Pop. Their refined sound is made up of synth keys layered over impressive guitar skills making catchy choruses that will have you singing a long in no time. Finally there’ll be some head-turning Spoken Word from RAPHAEL BLAKE, who layers his emotive poetry over mellow beats.

And breathe… There’s a whole load of other Notts musical goodness that there’s just not enough time to read or write about. But you can check out the whole line up HERE.

Nottingham Contemporary
Friday 6th and Saturday 7th November
Tickets: FREE
Doors: 12pm


BadtimeForBonzo and Wax Bar are back again this Friday with Friday Jamz on Friday. Did I mention it was on Friday? There’s loads of fresh talent making some great acoustic music.

Citing her influences as Anna Calvi, Amanda Palmer and of course Beyonce (is there anyone she hasn’t influenced in some way?) HOLLY TAYLOR-GAMBLE will be performing with her distinctive, powerful vocal.

Armed with a harmonica and acoustic guitar, DANIEL ISON will be making some “solo acoustic ridiculousness” noise on Friday, taking hints of Rock, Folk and Blues to create a unique sound. You can catch a hint of Daniel’s ‘ridiculousness’ on the latest NMP.

After performing at Hockley Hustle a few weeks ago, GIUSEPPE VENTURINO is back at Wax Bar. He takes his Folk influence and blends it with Psychedelic Rock from the 60s to create his own unique sound.

Finally, DAISY GODFREY takes her Jazz influenced vocal and, with the help of guitarist Ryan Cornell, makes some foot-tapping, head-bopping, any-other-body-part-moving soulful sounds.

Webbo & The Soft Boys from Melton Mowbray will be performing too.

Wax Bar
Friday 6th November
Tickets: Free
Doors: Music from 8pm


It’s the 23rd MEME on Friday night over at Suede bringing you some of the best Electronic music Nottingham has to offer.

LARRY CRYWATER is the first act to be performing on Friday night. Larry has built up a HUGE back catalogue of music with his discography dating back to 2004.

Next up, BETTY & THE PHYSICS will be sharing their sounds along with their knowledge of physics. There are some really sciencey sounding track titles and they’re apparently bringing a ‘Live Analogue Modular Synthscape’. We think that’s what it meant anyway. If anyone could enlighten me on this topic, please let me know.

I AM LONO create “claustrophobic, pounding, paranoid pop music gold” and, trust me, there is no better way to describe their music than that. The duo, who released their self-titled debut EP a few months ago, bring spacey vocals and dark synths reminiscent of mid-80s Pop. And those bass hooks…

Finally, SPANDEX will be performing. No, not that kind of spandex… But apparently if you pay him enough money he’ll wear a green body-suit made out of the stuff. We hear he wears a cape too and he’ll “swish it around like some kind of twat” and he even does that bit for free! As well as having some pretty bonkers track titles including “The Harder Wearing Cheeses” and “Chicken Breast Milk” this guy makes some real good electronic sounds that are just as bizarre as you may already have expected.

Suede Bar
Friday 6th November
Tickets: Free
Doors: 9pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x