NUSIC New Music Podcast 100 (156) – TRACKLISTING


On this week’s New Music Podcast we kick off the Future Sound of Nottingham Round One, we announce the winner of this year’s Spread The Love Round, and we share a big moment for a Nottingham legend.

The Podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

NUSIC New Music Podcast 100 (156) – TRACKLISTING

BENJI SMEDZ – Landed At Nottingham
ANOMIC SOUL – Video Game
REWIND: DEAF BRIDGES – Hogan Knows Best (Train, Say Your Prayers, Eat Your Vitamins)
KUMARACHI feat. Kay Lee & Tommy Guns – Way I Feel [Audio Addict Records]
BACK TO THE FUTURE: I AM STARZ – Criminal (Live Future Session Track)
THE HARMONICS – When In Rome (Live Future Session Track)
STAN (Prod. by THE ELEMENTZ) – I Ain’t Into Nothing With Them [Illiad Music]
LORNA – Wayne Mills [Words on Music]
KEMET TRACK OF THE WEEK: CHLOE MCSHANE [prod. by Haycee] – Way We Share Our Light
HOLLY FALLON – Unknown Track Title
BABE PUNCH – Snake Tongue
SCORZAYZEE (Prod. by JUGA-NAUT) – Bringing It Back [Dealmaker]

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