Prepare to have any preconceptions you might have about “girl” groups stabbed in the heart with a sharpened stilletto.

The welcoming lyrics to the opening track “Freak Show” on the hotly anticipated second album “Dirty Protest” from THE SMEARS, psych you up for a record that is so gloriously punkish it’ll chew you up and spit you back out… “Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to welcome you to my freak show.”

The unusual combo of an all-girl three piece punk grunge group is perhaps plenty to set them apart from the rest but it doesn’t stop there – these girls bleed dirty punk rock blood.

Its like JOHNNY ROTTEN and COURTNEY LOVE forced into a blender and then out of the resulting toxic punk smoothie THE SMEARS are born. Grungey guitars riffs outrageously distorted and anthemic choruses like “I am a freak, I wear it on my sleeve!” are unapologetic, brutal and anarchistic. This lot will grab you by the scruff of the neck and shake your bones. As the sadistic lyrics wrestle with the RAMONES-esque drumming you can’t help but feel your ears have been filthily violated. Despite the band being much more attractive than BETH DITTO THE SMEARS could be the bastard love child of THE GOSSIP and RANCID (I promise no more comments on looks, I can sense a kick in the balls on the way).

Each track on the album is raw and punchy, much like the girls. This isn’t a band to take your mother to go see, this is a band to go and get smashed to, vomit on your shoes and possibly spend a night in a cell with.

The album is a filthy, seething pit of grungey punk and the second track ominously entitled “Halloween” epitomises the chaotic anarchism of this gang: “Pleased to meet you said the bullet to the gun, lets get together and go and kill someone.” Hectic riffs and a crashing drumline accompany the vocals that are spat with venom.

Its no wonder they have managed to secure national radio play and even bagged support slots with punk legends THE BUZZCOCKS – these gals mean business.

I can guarantee that after one listen to “Dirty Protest“, you’ll be flipping through the album more than a prostitute flips her mattress. So punk, if you want something to make your day, then head down to the Dirty Protest Album Launch on Good Friday at The Navigation. You can do your confessing on Saturday.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Tom Hadfield x

PS Album will be available to buy on the night for just five pounds sterling.