WIDOWS. Photo Credit: Unknown

The Easter Bunny is being oh so kind and giving you three awesome and free and/or charitable gigs. There’s a fundraiser for one of Nottingham’s best loved venues, an album launch at Rough Trade and night full of pop at The Contemporary.


The Maze have given loads of Nottingham musicians their first gigs. Now, they need your help. As well as setting up a Kickstarter, they’re putting on a gig to help raise money to make some big improvements to the venue. So empty ya pockets and listen to some great music.

Headlining the night are THE FLAVELLS. They released their EP ‘No! No! No!’ earlier in the year, the band make Indie Rock n Roll, with that undeniable Bugg/Kennedy family tone, the band are getting slicker with every performance.

The recently formed VIYELLAS will be performing on Wednesday. They released their first recordings just over a month ago, expect Indie Rock filled with catchy riffs.

REBEL CITY REVIVAL have been crazy busy, gigging around the country since the start of the year. Fronted by Nick Aslam, the band formed last year and make catchy Indie Rock.

MICHAEL REDDINGTON will be offering his services to The Maze, bringing incredible Indie Rock to the venue. His new song ‘The Man I Used To Be’ is a bit of handbrake from his usual stuff but it’s a bloody good handbrake.

The Maze
Wednesday 12th April
Doors: 7:30pm
Entry: Donation


WIDOWS are launching their new album ‘Oh Deer God’ at Rough Trade on Friday. Five years since the release of their debut ‘Death Valley Duchess,’ the new album is much anticipated. Dubbed as “Nottingham’s favourite son’s of the riff,” the band’s heavy, Stoner Rock is loud enough to shatter glass. And your eardrums. In a good way. 

Regulus from Sheffield and Mastiff from Derby will also be playing.

Rough Trade
Friday 14th April
Doors: 7pm
Entry: Free


Phlexx Records are back at The Contemporary this Saturday for the fourth ‘Phlexx and Friends.’

TWIN KIDD are headlining the event with their incredible, uplifting, ambient pop. Stef’s euphoric vocal over electronic beats make for a mesmerising experience. They’ve been working on a new single recently that we can’t wait to hear.

VERA GULL will be harmonising the life outta Tempreh, making Dark Pop which will can only sound amazing echoing through the stunning venue. They haven’t played many shows yet – but each show they have played, they’ve left the audience stunned. In a good way.

CHERRY HEX AND THE DREAM CHURCH will have glockenspiel in hand, ready to recreate their spacey, shoegazey Pop, leaving the audience in a dream world filled with cotton candy and more glockenspiels. In a good… okay I’ll stop. 

Nottingham Contemporary
Saturday 15th April
Doors: 8pm
Entry: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x

PS – There are a few artists featured in these lineups that are in the FSN semi-finals. This has had no impact on our T3 choices, we do genuinely believe these to be the three best gigs in Notts this week. Go and watch for yerself. And realise we were right ; 0.