As another week passes we have another killer seven days for the Nottingham music scene. This week sees a mega Acoustic love-fest, a bit of Electronic madness and a headline Bodega show from a local lass.


BETH FRISBY is headlining The Bodega this Saturday, and it’s looking like a cracking night!

You’ve probably seen Beth knocking around the Notts music scene at some point, as she’s a part of loads of projects such as ONE BOMB, THE INVISIBLE ORCHESTRA, and a few other collectives – well, now is her time to take the spotlight herself! Having just released her phenomenal EP “Wandering Eyes”, Beth will be bringing her Dark-Pop sounds to the Bodega main stage, and we cannot wait to see these new tunes in action. The EP is hauntingly beautiful, Beth’s tender voice pulls you in, and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions that even Alton Towers would be proud to put its name to, and we’re sure in a live environment, these tunes will be given an entire new lease of life!

Supporting we’ll have that familiar lady known as ROBYN HUGHES-JONES. She’s bloody good at picking her gigs, cos she’s been in the Top Three for a fair few weeks running now. Now we’re not surprised if we’re being honest, since we first heard “J’adore” we’ve been hooked on Robyn’s incredibly soulful vocals and songwriting. She’s got one of the most unique voices that we’ve ever heard, and if she keeps progressing at this rate, we’re sure it won’t be long until she’ll be playing her own Bodega headline show!

Price: £3
Doors: 8PM


REVENGE OF CALCULON will be headlining Nottingham Contemporary this Saturday, and it’s shaping up to be a proper little Electronic love fest.

Brand new to the Nottingham scene, REVENGE OF CALCULON will definitely have caught your eye if you’ve seen them about. See, this duo make music with Luchador masks on. Yep, you read that right. But once you get past the mental visual experience, you appreciate that these fellas make some bloody incredible Electronic music. With plenty of bass and synth coming together,to make a dirty concoction of sounds that are bound to get you funking out all over the place. And to top it all off, they’ll be launching their debut 7” vinyl “X, Y & Z Rays” on the night, so you can take a piece of the beautiful madness home with ya.

8MM ORCHESTRA will be bringing some of their epic instrumental goodness to your ears on the night too. If you’re unfamiliar with their stuff, then 8MM ORCHESTRA will definitely leave an impression after this performance – you see, these guys make the kind of huge intricate melodic goodness that is pretty much perfect for soundtracking a dark Hollywood blockbuster. Just don’t bring out the Batman suit, yeah?

I AM LONO bring a touch of dark “paranoid” Pop to the evening. If you’ve never seen these guys, they’re kind of hard to explain through the medium of words – but I’ll give it a go. They’re kind of upliftingly dark, a confusing statement I know – but while what they sing about isn’t particularly happy, their beats are so ridiculously catchy and groovy that they’ll have you dancing and singing along. It’s quite an odd sensory experience, but a bloody enjoyable one at that!

Price: Free
Doors: 8PM


It’s the annual Nottingham Acoustic Gathering at The Maze this Sunday, which brings absolutely loads of, you guessed it, great Nottingham Acoustic acts together!


Kicking things off in the main room we’ll have the soft, sweet, relaxing sounds of TOM ASH, followed by the Soulful-Folk sounds of MATT HUMPHRIES. JOE SLATER will bring a bit of his warm, honest singer-songwriter vibes, LIAM O’KANE will be bringing a bit of his Ska-Reggae sounds to get you skanking all over the place, and ANWYN WILLIAMS will slow things down a bit with her touching Joni Mitchell-esque Folk. BLESSING MAGORE will be getting us all dancing like crazy and feeling the “Love Revolution”, while KANE ASHMORE will keep the love spreading vibe going with his uplifting Gyspy-Rap tunes. ADAM CLARKSON (of CAPTAIN DANGEROUS) will deliver some of his trademark catchy Indie tunes, CAREEN bring some touching melodic Folk sounds to the night, while HEARTS will bring a bit of atmospheric dark Folk. CHLOE CHARLEMAGNE will get everybody singing along to her ridiculously catchy early 00’s esque R&B, and the near impossible to define JIMMY THE SQUIRREL will be performing an exclusive Acoustic set for you lucky lucky people. Rounding the night off in the main room, we have FRAZER LOWRIE and his band, who we’re sure will have you chanting along beautiful lyrics such as “Nobody likes a dickhead.” Beautiful.


ELLIE KEEGAN will kick things off in the Front Bar with her soulful Indie sounds, JAYDE MORRISON’s incredibly passionate singer-songwriter vibes will have you hooked, and JAMIE MOON’s beautiful little Folk numbers will have you stunned into silence. CONNOR SPRAY will bring a bit of his angsty Rock & Roll swagger, JODY BETTS of TRAY ELECTRIC will give a rare Acoustic performance, and the incredibly uplifting Pop sounds of BUD will round the night off.


BEN HAYNES touching tunes will warm you up inside, GERRY TRIMBLE will amaze you with his self-proclaimed “Post-Anti-Folk-Core”, and AGNES BELLA will have you bopping along to her catchy yet delicate Acoustic tunes. LAUREN APRIL’s uplifting Pop anthems will get stuck in your head for days, while MARC REEVES softer slower numbers will have you reaching for the tissues (not in that way you dirty bugger!). SKAPETE THE UPLIFTER will do exactly what his name says, and bring your spirits right up thanks to his funky Ska-Reggae vibes, JOE AND MIKE will bring an interesting duo approach to the evening, and topping it all off we’ll have CALM MAN CLUB’s, you guessed it yet again, calming Singer-Songwriter vibes.

Price: £3
Doors: 1PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x