The amount of incredible Notts gigs this week is out of this world. It’s been an insanely tough week in editorial court, but we just about narrowed it down to an EP launch at The Maze, an EP Launch at Jam Cafe and a celebration of all things Notts at Rock City! Could hardly leave that out could we? And can we talk about the fact it’s December this week? DECEMBER?! It’s incredible how much the Nottingham music scene has achieved in the past year, ay?

Psst, heads up, as some peeps have challenged us on the order of the T3 gigs recently. Our gigs are ordered chronologically. More deets on T3 qualification in our FAQs HERE.

GIG ONE – Thursday

THE MOCKING JAYS will be releasing their debut EP ‘TMJ’ (See what they did there?) this Thursday over at The Maze. The four-piece, who have made their home in Nottingham after growing up in Derbyshire (can’t blame em can you?), make Indie Pop with super catchy choruses and refined riffs. The band are heavily influenced by Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, even quoting Matty Healy himself in their song ‘Feels.’ 

PAPER SHOP DAVE are the support of the night. The Indie Rock trio released their debut EP ‘First Draft’ back in May and it includes some very catchy oh-oh-ooh-owoh’s and killer riffs. PSD formed at the start of 2013 (that was nearly three years ago, just to make ya feel old) and have been playing gigs and refining their sound ever since.

Also Supporting is Ajay Henry from Derby.

The Maze
Thursday 3rd December
Doors: 7pm
Tickets: £5

GIG TWO – Thursday

DAUDI MATSIKO is launching his sophomore EP ‘The Lingering Effects of Disconnection’ at Jam Cafe this Thursday. His “#BleakFolk,” as Daudi describes it, combined with his beautiful vocal and heartwarming lyrics can silence any room, heal any wound and cure a broken heart. Daudi uses his music as a therapeutic outlet to help him through tough times whilst simultaneously helping others to achieve an escape from their realities. Try resisting the tears man, it’s impossible! The new EP is available now, so make sure you have a listen before the show.

Support comes from KETO, fronted by the insanely talented Leah Sinead. Taking traditional Folk infused with electronic elements and Leah’s powerful, captivating vocal, the band create enchanting atmospheric soundscapes.

Jam Cafe
Thursday 3rd December
Doors: 8pm
Tickets: FREE

GIG THREE – Friday

This Friday is something special. Showcasing some of the amazing talent that has come out of Nottingham, Our City will be taking over Rock City for an evening of awesome Nottinghamness. Not only will it celebrate the groundbreaking year for Nottingham’s music scene, but its also part of Rock City’s 35th (!!!!) Birthday celebrations. Prepare yourself for a shed load of insanely impressive stats about the line up.

After reaching number 8 in July with his debut album, selling out Rock City himself, and supporting Ed Sheeran on his arena tour, SAINT RAYMOND has done pretty well this year. The 20 year old from Bramcote will be headlining Rock City for the third time this year as part of Our City. Callum’s ridiculously catchy riffs and woah-oh-oh’s (you know which song I’m talking about here) make for an incredible live performance that sound like they were designed for a packed out Citeh to sing back to him.

Next up, D.I.D (or Dog Is Dead if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year) will be performing. The band, originally from West Bridgford, have been around since 2007 and have built up an impressive CV, including playing Glastonbury and releasing their debut album ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ in October 2012. The Indie Pop five-piece returned with EP ‘Fast Food’ under their new name in September.

Nottingham’s own Top 20 popstar INDIANA will also be performing on Friday. She takes 80s inspired pulsing synths, mixes them with some super catchy melodies and puts em all together to make music designed to dance to, Solo Dancing if you will (I won’t do that again. Sorry). She released her debut album ‘No Romeo’ back in January, achieving number 17 in the official charts. Not bad, ay?

Made up of Cai, Lucy and Lawrence, KAGOULE will be taking to the stage, bringing Alternative Grunge Rock reminiscent of 90s bands like Smashing Pumpkins. The use of Lucy’s female vocal paired with Cai’s creates a uniqueness to their sound fuelled by punchy bass lines. After releasing their debut album ‘Urth’ back in August the band have been touring all over the place, from New York to um… Scunthorpe. The childhood friends have an unrivaled chemistry which helps them to create their incredible live presence.

GEORGIE is currently coming to the end of her headline tour ‘Following the 20 Mile Road’ named after the journey from her hometown of Mansfield to Nottingham. Her West Coast American style, with a lil hint of a Country twang, takes inspiration from Fleetwood Mac. GEORGIE signed to Columbia Records in August. Yeah, as in the one Adele and One Direction are signed to. Which can only mean some seriously big things to come…

Ambient Acoustic three-piece, EYRE LLEW, will also be performing at Our City. Despite forming only just over a year ago and playing their first live show in May, they’ve released five singles, played at Splendour Festival and Dot to Dot, as well as receiving what seems like hundreds of positive reviews. And it’s no wonder, they put on a stunning live show that captivates in many ways. Like an uplifting somber trance… get what we mean? No? Okay…

Last but most definitely not least are SHELTER POINT. They may have been born and raised in Coventry, but they now call Nottingham home. Signed to Space + Time Records, the duo create celestial soulful ambience through the use of a delicate falsetto and sleek production. Their latest single “Glass Into Gold” is due out shortly, but if you want a sneak preview, make sure ya listen to it on the NMP HERE.

All that amazing talent from one city playing one of the most iconic stages in the country. Don’t miss this.

Rock City
Friday 4th December
Doors: 5:15pm
Tickets: £18.50

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x