Here at Nusic we cannot believe it’s been four entire years since the Hustle graced Nottingham. You’ve probably heard us banging on about how incredible of a festival the Hustle was, and the many great experiences we’ve had such as crowdsurfing to ROYAL GALA at the Broadway in the early hours of Monday morning.

Well, guess what…


Yup, Hockley Hustle returns this year, October 19th, and will be gracing 40 venues around Notts. So, for the ridiculously cheap price of a wristband (£10 advance) you get to see about 400 live acts. Oh, and all the money raised goes to charity! £65 000 and rising to date.

This year sees all the money raised go to four local charities, and those charities are…

Framework: A housing association, dedicated to helping vulnerable peeps in the East Midlands away from homelessness and towards a future full of hope and stability.

John Van Gest Cancer Research Centre: As part of NTU, world class scientists work with clinical staff at local hospitals with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treating of cancer.

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum: An independent charity that works with and for asylum seekers. Offering advice, practical assistance and friendship to all refugees.

NG7 Foodbank: A foodbank that offers their services to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, or personal problems.

So, yeah. You pay ten quid, get to see loads of wicked artists, and you’re also helping charity out too. It’s pretty much win win win.

“But, who can I expect to see?” I hear you ask. Well internet stranger, like I said before, you can see around 400 acts at this year’s Hustle, and there genuinely is something for every musical taste out there. Here’s just a few of the standout stages to look out for…

Our media dads over at LeftLion have pulled out all the stops and got a proper varied lineup for ya over at the Broadway, which goes on until the very early hours. With everything from a male barbershop choir (MAJOR OAK CHORUS) to some Bluesy Jazzy Ska (THE DE-STABILIZERS), a bit of chilled out Acoustic (ALI BONSAI) to some four piece Opera (BELLA DIVA). Then we’ve got a bit of Pop/Acoustic through the afternoon with the likes of FRAZER LOWRIE, BETH FRISBY and NINA SMITH. As the night begins we go from some Soulful R&B Pop (ROB GREEN) to Grungy Rock & Roll (THE SWIINES), before we get all electrified with JUST JAMES, ONE BOMB and MR SWITCH. Expect things to get messy in here!

Over at Nottingham Contemporary you can find the BBC Introducing Stage, who have also got a wicked variation of acts lined up. Whilst their full lineup isn’t out yet, we do know that you can expect to hear the likes of HARLEIGHBLU, THE GORGEOUS CHANS, APRIL TOWERS and many more. Also, they’ve got a super secret special guest booked to headline too… hmmm… we wonder who it could be?

If you prefer your live gigs to be a little heavier and sweatier, then you’re gonna want to get down to I’m Not From London’s stage over at The Corner. They’ve got everyone from RIFF BASTARD to DEAF BRIDGES playing for ‘em, and if there was an award for “stage with the most interestingly named bands”, this stage would defo get it. Rounding the night off here we have the huge Grungy sounds of recent Earache Records signees KAGOULE, who we’re sure will bring the *BEEP* noise.

You’ll find the Notts TV stage over at that lovely little workspace known as Antenna. Again, Notts TV have pulled it out of the bag and got a proper varied lineup with loads of wicked acts. From a rare acoustic set of those Wonky-Poppers in CAPTAIN DANGEROUS, some Flamenco Acoustic vibes from THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS, and even some beautifiul Electronica from those boys in SHELTER POINT. Oh, and of course, by popping down to this stage, chances are you’ll be pointing at the telleh in a few months time going “look, that’s the back of me head!”

Considering there’s 40 odd stages, we haven’t got the time to proper go into them all here. So, we suggest you take a look at the HH site HERE, and work out your own little timetable. It’s gonna be the most Notts music-tastic day of the year, and we’re bloody ecstatic to welcome the Hustle back.

We missed ya HH!

Get yer wristbands HERE.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

TRANSPARANCY DECLARATION – We at Nusic work with both LeftLion and Notts TV.